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Wanna become a freelance photographer or a professional one? Looking for elite education in photography but running short of time, money or resources to get into those big institutes. Well, CityShor brings you an individual, who after years of experience from US and Australia, is trying to sum up his photography experiences of all his life and give you an access to it in the form a photography course.

So there are many people who run photography classes and courses – what’s so great about it? Also, vast number of people learned and can learn from millions of photography classes available freely on internet – so what’s big deal about this one. Well, one of the best recommendations that you will ever get from any senior photographer is to assist a professional photographer on an assignment – that’s real life learning and not some kind of a text book story.

Ravi Mistry, the guy who wants to change photography scene in Ahmedabad, exactly tries to bring in real life experiences in his photography institution. Unlike other places, he intends to focus on how to achieve a new standpoint on one’s works and approach. He wants to help students to find out their own visual language as well as practical and conceptual knowledge about how to confront real situation along with how to handle camera, lights and other obvious details. As far as infrastructure and faculty goes, he has ensured that he is bringing you best of the best.

So what are you waiting for? Limited seats available & strict admission procedure. Be the first and lucky one to be a part of this institute and take your career to all together a new level.

More about the man behind the project. Also check out some of his pictures.
Ravi Mistry, having background of Computer Science and Electrical Engineer graduate, learned photography from Stanford Univerity and through many international workshops. However, he quickly climbed his ranks and got opportunity to do shoots for CCS, Redbull and many more reputed ones. He believes there’s a huge difference in the way photography is been approached in India and in US.

Contact him: if nothing else, you will get to learn a lot by talking to him: +91 787 441 6629


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