A Food Truck that serves Quirky Black&Orange Burgers & More!

Cuisines: Mexican, Italian, Fast Food, Beverages, Chocolate, Street Food

Filters: Outdoor seating

Attributes: Street Food, Food Truck

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The most unique and the newest food truck of the City- Streat Gourmet is here with the most unique burgers & more! Rush this weekend, if you have not them already!


Streat Gourmet, Ahmedabad street Food Park, Near Divya Bhaskar (besides Ford showroom), Sg Highway, Makarba | Call: 9925391995 / 9898444490


“Burgers are supposed to be messy!”-They say. Wait till you try these black and Orange burgers at Streat Gourmet! The Black and the Orange burgers are not just about their colours! And, similarly, Streat Gourmet is not simply about these two burgers. Every food dish that you see here will be something that you may have never seen before!


“Food is not only about the taste. Rather, it is an experience in itself.” - striving to live up to this, Streat Gourmet is here with all things epic. From their burgers to their pastas, from their Arachini Balls to their Vada Pops, from their style of serving to their Food Truck, everything adds up to an entirely unique experience!


Coming to the Food Truck, you are also welcome to visit and view it from the inside, of course it is nothing like the food trucks that we are used to. Also, they bake their own bread and make their own salsa (sauce)!


Here is a glimpse of our experience, below:


Black Burger- Soya Keema slowly tossed in butter for long, is blended with the smoky flavours of BBQ Sauce, with indian spices, onion, tomato & Garlic!

Orange Burger- Hold it in the right manner please! Our pick of the lot! Enough said!

Arachini Balls- Dal RIce Risotto fried in magic oil that evaporates. (kidding- but you’ll know what i mean when you try this!)

Vada Pops- We’d like to describe it as- ‘Vadapav in Reverse’. The way they are served is going to make you gasp for breath!

Sunset Mocktail- Stir it well to make the sunset complete. And, then drink!

Cheesy Sauce Pasta- These are not the normal pastas, they are Drum wheat Pastas, with homemade sauce! These are surelt the healthiest pastas that you’ll ever see!

Secret Treasure- Indo-Mexican dish topped with desi chutneys and condiments!


So, what are you still waiting for? Go ahead, plan your weekend!


Address- Ahmedabad street Food Park, Near Divya Bhaskar (besides Ford showroom), Sg Highway, Makarba

Call: 9925391995 / 9898444490

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