A lovely meal awaits at DENIRO'S

Driving down S.G. Highway on a lazy afternoon? Or have the fortune of working there? Why 'fortune', you ask? Well, with DENIRO'S in the vicinity how can you not deem yourselves fortunate for, that is a restaurant that has always been on our radar ever since it opened it's doors a while back! Offering an amazing array of delicacies, for you to relish making for a lovely luncheon with your dear ones; all behind IOC Petrol Pump, opp GNFC Info Tower, S.G. Highway.

Rather than going flashy, DENIRO'S is decked up in an extremely sophisticated way, letting it's straight-forward food laden with classic flavours, do all the talking. From Mexican to Italian, to even Punjabi, the restaurant offers it all, and much, much more for you to have a delicious lunch experience with your colleagues; tending to give you a nice break from 'ghar ke daal-chawal'.

Catering to our tastebuds with ease, we started our course on a Thursday afternoon, with their take on a BROCCOLI GARLIC CLEAR SOUP. Add onto that a portion of a MOROCCAN SALAD, that rightly boasts of exotic vegetables with pineapple, and apples in an orange dressing; and you are pretty set for the mains.

Talking about the mains, you could indulge in their varying cuisines, that range from MEXICAN BURRITOS, soft and warm grilled tortilla, wrapped around re fried beans, tangy red sauce, and spring onions; to a GRILLED SILVER POMFRET with garlic, butter sauce, served with sauteed veggies.
On the Indian side of things, their AKHBARI CHICKEN, takes the front with a chicken stuffed egg roll, blended with a brown gravy. Going fittingly well with their Indian breads, you can quite literally wipe the bowl clean.

What indeed stood atop on the podium was their GRILLED COTTAGE CHEESE STEAK RATATOUILLE! What goes into it? You need to try it out for yourself, and take our word for it, you won't be disappointed.
The restaurant also serves some more than adequate beverages of BLUE LAGOON, SEA BREEZER, OCEAN BRIDGE, and also a MANGO MAI TAI.

In all, we rather not pile on the adjectives, rather to narrow it down we can simply state that DENIRO'S indeed tends to be a great find, that is definitely worth your visit this weekend and for the days to come. Cheers.

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