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Ahmedabad is… well, that’s a hard sentence to finish. Almost as hard as figuring out which of this season’s new crop of restaurants to try next. The defining element of Ahmedabad’s dining scene is its endlessness—of range and ambition and new openings—plus a style that eludes easy summation. It’s a food culture that wants some diversity from time to time, for the same we get back to you with UBC-The Food Spa.

Serving a great variety of cuisines we opted for the ones around the world, of which; The Taco Cocktail is something to look forward to, appropriate in size to finish off in a bite or 2, garnished with cheese and served with a precise salsa. More on the Mexican side, The Mexicana de Hot Pot was a delicious meal for 2 with mild Mexican rice served with a spicy vegetable curry. An appreciable contrasting combination overall. The Bruschetta platter had an array of garlic breads; topped with either peppers, onions or olives with cheese along-with the classic bread. The platter was textbook to the core. Subtle and appetizing. If you want to experience something new while playing it safe, opt for the Hunt Stir Fried Vegetables. The Chinese delicacy might seem simple on paper with a few veggies tossed in soy, chilli and spices but hard to pull off keeping the consistency in check, which the chef at UBC seemed to do with ease.

On the unusual side, they serve vegetable tempuras. Yes tempuras! When was the last time you came across a restaurant in Ahmedabad serving tempuras? At UBC they don't just serve them but they serve them with finesse. Carrots, cauliflowers, beans, peppers, mushrooms fried golden brown, are served with a garlic chilli dip. These Japanese style treats are great for nibbles or even as a main course. They also serve Crepes, which are popular in several regional Spanish cuisines. The light, thin pancakes served with rice cooked in broth to a creamy consistency, significantly jelled together to form a palatable dish altogether. 

Doesn't it happen with the majority of us that, no matter how much we stuff ourselves, isn't there always room for a dessert? There better be some when you visit UBC and witness their varied list of desserts as per your palette. They like to go unconventional and remarkably live up-to it. The mango pudding with it's lusty flavours or a chocolate barbecue, which were balls of chocolate full of bliss; apropos to our sweet tooth but; the Panacotta was W-O-W, it wasn't something that we have across very often but on the occasional moment on the small screen when we form a puddle of drool while watching Masterchef. The elegance on the presentation made it really hard for us to dig in because it was just.. soo.. beautiful*sniff*. This Italian dessert made of the most basic ingredients milk, cream and sugar topped with whipped cream was lovely. Each and every bite would melt in your mouth with an immediate craving for more.

That being said, what are you waiting for?! Make a window at your earliest to rejuvenate for a delicious tuck-in at UBC-The Food Spa. Cheers.

Address: 46-47, Rudra Square, Judges Bungalow Road, Bodakdev, Ahmedabad.
Contact: +91-8866283300

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