A new bistro on Sindhu bhavan road- Chor Bazaar

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An all day Dining - a place where you feel the calmness of being at home, outside your home.

From the house of Turquoise Villa cafe comes a new bistro on Sindhu bhavan road- Chor Bazaar!

Address: Elanza Vertex, Behind Armeida, Sindhu Bhavan Road | Time: 11 Noon to 1 AM | Call: 079-48010100

When you think modern you think technology, you think science, you think hip, you think cool. Well, apply the same to food and voilà! You will have before you an array of traditional delicacies that have been magically transformed into glorious, picture perfect amuse-bouches and edible art formations that boggle the imagination, delight the eyes, and sensationalise the palate.

However, modern food is not just about the looks – you may buy the book based on its cover but you certainly can’t judge it till you read it. Modern food is not pretentious as most people believe it to be: it is innovation and refinement at its best. With the influence of French cooking techniques, rustic and home-cooked food is tailored and trimmed to distil the essence of core flavours and metamorphosed into art; it is no less than the transformation of Eliza Doolittle into a Hungarian princess!

Modernization of Indian food started long ago in the 70s, but it is only now finding its way to the layman’s platter. Modern Indian food is all about sourcing the freshest seasonal and regional produce, cooking it with skill and technique par excellence, and plating it to blow your aesthetic senses away – all without marring the authenticity of the original recipe.

And for the attention of all the foodies of this food-loving city, the Indian ‘nouvelle cuisine’ has arrived here in our very aapnu amdavad. The Chor Bazaar Bistro is open for business! The etymology of the term ‘Chor Bazaar’ has an interesting history. In erstwhile Bombay, lost and stolen goods found their way to the Shor Bazaar, which eventually became Chor Bazaar! So how does Chor Bazaar Bistro in Ahmedabad differ to its namesake in Mumbai? It has only ‘borrowed’ popular Indian recipes from homes and regional food culture, re-imagined and recreated them.

Chor Bazaar Bistro stands out in terms of its eclectic mix of modernized yet traditional dishes. This all-day-dining bistro brings to your table a carefully deliberated, range of traditional Indian recipes, from all the four corners of the country, which have been meticulously researched upon, tried and tested, and executed to perfection. For a start, re-imagine food that you may be familiar with like paneer tikka, but when you come to Chor Bazaar Bistro you will find this humble dish transformed by the touch of the Middle Eastern spice Zaatar and accentuated by the addition of orange caviar and orange gel. Similar is the case with the Kofta Croquettes in Pukhtan Gravy and Dal Makhni slow cooked over Charcoal and finished with Butter Air. And the list goes on...

Chor Bazaar with its unique Art Deco ambience and top notch service will transport you to a world where food is glorious in all its aspects – an experience that is guaranteed with every visit. Molecular gastronomy and gourmet delights have come to your doorstep; the exquisite finesse of foams, caviar and gels in new and intriguing forms will leave you pleasantly satisfied, yet raring to try the next dish.

Address: Elanza Vertex, Sindhu Bhavan Marg, Behind Armeida, Bodakdev, Ahmedabad 
Timings: 12 PM to 1 AM
Call: 079-48010100

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