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TORITOS is a restaurant which has been running efficiently in Ahmedabad since the past 2 years, serving a diverse variety of cuisines from Arabic to Italian, Mexican to Spanish, which are spot on.
'Aa toh badhu khabar che, navu su?' 
Well, wait for it.
The same renowned TORITOS, has opened a new eatery with a different approach at a designated time, CAFE TIME. The menu threw out some great desires, of which loads stood out but curbing our junglee foodie instincts we narrowed down to a couple of them.

One delicacy which tops the list with ease is one of their specialties, Crispy Thin Potato Skins with their signature dip and my God it was lip-smacking. With a variety of dishes coming up, having tasted them, we used to ask the waiters to clear them but, the Potato Skins were something that we were always munching on and almost created an uproar when a member of their staff, cleared the table assuming we were done. Despite being fried there was no residual oil whatsoever, spiced to perfection with a cool dip along-side, no need of tissues, no napkins, it literally was Finger Lickin' good.

With a heavy heart we took our eyes (and hands) off them and tried the Grande Nachos with Salsa, which were presented in a neat way with nachos being topped with the right amount of cheddar, mozzarella, diced tomatoes, olives, jalapenos with Mexican beans as a base. There was a crunch even when we had a nacho from the base which seems unlikely many-a-times. The Salsa was spot on, not being overly tangy because of the tomatoes, fresh with a proper consistency and quantity.

Onto a sandwich which we rarely have come across is the Portabello Pesto Sandwich. Light, fresh and loaded with basil pesto, spinach, sun-dried tomatoes,mozzarella cheese, between two substantial slices of grilled brown bread; a sandwich which can be eaten with either a hot beverage or cold or even none for that matter, it can sustain on it's own with ease.

More on the unusual factor; they also serve Pita Pizza. The regular boring pizza base is replaced by Pita bread, which is a Mediterranean style bread giving a different texture to the pizza altogether topped with fresh peppers, onions and cheese. For the ones who savor mild cookery, along with the Pita Pizza; Peppy Paneer Grill Foccacia is apt for you. Tender, fresh paneer well seasoned between slices of foccacia bread was ideal with their one of a kind dip. The Loaded Vegetarian Burger was a classic, flawless burger; fluffy buns, crusty patty, freshly chopped cucumbers & tomatoes finished with mayo-mustard. To wash all of it down, amidst a decent list of mocktails Purple Sling helped along with it's finesse. A blend of black current crush with ice cream in a not too sweet mixture served elegantly.

By now, you must be thinking 'How can a cafe have such an assorted range yet there is nothing about their coffee.' Well, It goes without saying that they serve the same. Post an extensive research, the Cina Coffee with it's ever so slight aroma of cinnamon and Orange cold coffee with a faint zest of orange almost lived upto their names. They also serve Hazelnut Hot Chocolate with it's chocolaty nuttiness; Oreo shake, which was a smooth blend of the all time favorite biscuit with chocolate and the eternally healthy Green tea amongst many many others.

May it be just a cuppa or healthy sandwiches or a warm choco lava cake, CAFE TIME has it all. Clear your schedules and pay a visit as soon as you can to avail a 15% discount on your entire bill between 3pm to 6pm. The offer is valid till 14th September only. Rush at your earliest. Cheers.

Address: 104/105, Shivalik, opposite Bank of Baroda, Ambawadi Circle, Ahmedabad

Contact: 079-26400730/31

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