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A couple of days back, we showed you different angles of a wall in a particular restaurant  that mesmerized us. Today we are going to tell you about the other wall and its global styled ambiance.

The restaurant is so beautiful we felt we should first bring to you the ambience before we even start talking about the food there. Here is one more sneak peek of this amazing restaurant.  Don’t be too surprised if you’re strolling around, and come across a  colossal portal with Persian grills.

In a nutshell; it’s a tradition, perfected on the coasts of Mediterranean & Middle eastern and taken to the world by seafaring Spaniards and Mid-eastern Woods and Mosaics with great food.

Sit below a big tomb and look around you. You’ll notice the best of architecture of the city here. Don’t be surprised to see their raw walls with mosaic plates and fry pans on the wall. It’s lavish in every sense of the word.

Have we surprised you enough! Check out the pics now. 

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