A newly opened restaurant - Mediterranean feel

Cuisines: American, Mediterranean, European

Filters: Non Veg

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This newly opened restaurant has an awesome ‘Wall Décor’ – read the entire article to know what we are talking about.

What attracts you the most in a restaurant – food? Well, of course the restaurant has to serve delicious food but more than that, the first thing that catches your attention is their décor.

Let us tell you about a newly opened restaurant. Well, this time we are not going to tell you their address, name or won’t show you food pictures. In fact, we want you to feel, see and appreciate the details they have put in every nook and corner of their set up.

Believe it or not but this post will only talk about ‘one wall’ of their entire set up. Yes, you are reading it very right (and repeating it for your convenience) we are going to showcase only ‘one wall’ of this restaurant.

While you would have finished reading above lines, an obvious question pops-up your mind – ‘what’s so special about a wall?’.

The wall is based on ‘Mediterranean’ theme | their color inspiration comes from the vivid blue sea that surrounds the Greek isles and the golden yellow tones seen at a Moroccan spice market. The sun-baked clay buildings in Spain, and the lush vegetation found in the South of France have also influenced their wall color and décor. With so many colors, patterns and textures, Mediterranean wall is indeed a feast for your eyes and you will love spending time there… that’s it for now.

Abruptly ended? Yes, it’s intentional. You will get to know more about this restaurant in the upcoming posts… stay tuned.

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