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What would you do if you lost 90% of your visibility?




Listen up Amdavad! Read on to know more about a place to not miss out on.


This is about a new place called- The Little H. But first, do you remember an instance or a movie or piece of art that left you inspired? That left you with a good feeling- that there is more to your life?


The Little H is one such piece of art that going to fill you brimming with positive vibes, feeling good about your life! It will be a demeaning deed to review it. There are no “OUT OF 5” stars here. The below is simply an account of the way I experienced- THE LITTLE H



From the first step that I took in, rather, no wait. Even before the first step, this place resonated a unique vibe- with Graffiti on the side walls, and a twin-coloured ambience.


Alright, this is a good start. The place is hand painted with only two colours- yellow & black. Even the small elements fit the scheme. (yes, there is a reason behind doing so. But, more on that later). Overall, this place had a nerve calming impact on me.


Coming out of it, I felt like stepping out of a theatre. I had to ask my brain to switch back to the natural colours. The reality.



You’d expect me to say that this is the best I have ever tried. Honestly, I am not really sure. My definition of ‘perfect’ is hanging in a balance now. From Charcoal Ravioli to canned Nachos, rolls made with Rice papers to Hummus with Naan (yes, I have refrained from diving deep into these dishes, purposely. Again, more on this later) - every dish is a unique experience in itself.



If you have come this far, while reading, do you recall, I asked you a question at the start- “What would you do if you lost 90% of your visibility in your eyes?


Who is the real hero of this story called - THE LITTLE H ? The food or the Ambiance?


NONE. The heroes are the staff. Not because they have only 10 to 20% of visibility as compared to a normal person. But, because they are smarter than most of us. You can try.


Tip: You will have to call them by their names, they will not be able to see your gesture from a far distance. ( Again. More on this later )


CONCLUSION: Whether you should visit this place or not? YOU DECIDE.


Note: They have Pre-Christmas Party for kids and parents- today & tomorrow- 21 & 22 Dec. To book, call: 9825557154


Address: The Little H, 1st floor, Magnifico building, Opp. Times Square 2, Off Sindhu bhavan road (Avalon hotel road), Bodakdev

Time: 11 to 11 PM

Cost for 2: INR 650

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