A seminar especially for the safety of kids @ Healthomatics!

“It’s easy to repair a child than an adult.”

Health care is an awareness that should be considered as the utmost priority! A few places are there which focus on the teaching and proper guidance of teaching the kids safety courses! One such place is Aashu’s Healthcare who is holding a seminar, Healthomatics!

With the aim to enrich the crowd with physical and psychological well-being of a child, and how to ensure the best safety procedures, the Target is to reach to the audience of schools and colleges, let the future guide the present!

Also holding a free seminar on the 25th June, the topics to be covered are:
- Basic life support
- Basic first aid 
- Fainting
- Chocking
- Truancy 
- Burns 
- Asthma 
- Basic fire safety
- CPR ( Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation)

So with a seminar that aims at the basic safety of children’s, don’t miss the chance and spread the knowledge of health to everyone near and dear to you! Enrol for this free seminar right away!

Date: 25th June,2017
8:30am-10:30 am (for age group 7 years to 13 years)
10:30am- 12:00pm (for age group 14 years and above) 
 Address: Dr. K.K Shah Bungalow, B/H Navrangpura Post Office, Opposite Jain Derasar, Navrangpura. 
Get your name registered, Call Preeti Lulla: +91-9558253543

Tags: A seminar especially for the safety of kids @ Healthomatics!

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