A stunning range of dresses, at a special Discount at ANUPAM

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Feast your eyes on a stunning range of dresses as ANUPAM showcases it's freshest ensemble for the season, in a variety of colours with brilliant combinations and classic blends. In fact, a SPECIAL DISCOUNT is also up for grabs for you to indulge on 22-23-24 July; all below Patang Hotel, Nehru Bridge Corner, Ashram Road.

Choose the best of colours that enhance your features as the collection laid out, rightly boasts of a stunning range; ensuring that no longer would you be a grey face in the crowd, rather your attire is bound to announce your presence in elan.
Right from Banarasi patola duppatas, King khabs & Chaudani fabrics, to a floral work concept on dupion silk, banarasi designs, banarasi golas, and much more; just about everything is available in a bright bold colour palette.

Let the world see your beautiful face and those lovely clothes from ANUPAM this season, where they showcase the best of designs that you have always been looking for, wherein each piece radiates richness and is bound to ooze style.
Be it their ready made designer blouses or dress materials, kurtis or dupattas; the collection comes at such affordable tags that you simply cannot miss.

With bang-on trends at a wonder of Discount only for 3 days; make sure you drop by ANUPAM, to deck with the very best this season. Cheers.

You can also follow them on Facebook, for the latest updates: www.facebook.com/anupamclothing

Tags: A stunning range of dresses, at a special Discount at ANUPAM, Anupam

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