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Being a parent you must be worried about your kids’ education and finding new ways to help them learn and grow! After all, your kids are your greatest assets for whom you do everything. Understanding your concern, after a lot of brainstorm and rework APPS FOR MOBS have come up with a unique way to help learn kids of 4-7 years of age in a fun way with Edubook FOR KIDS. Apps for Mobs previously brought out chromavid App for creating chromakey videos.

To download the app, go onto: 
Android store : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details…
Apple store : https://itunes.apple.com/…/a…/edubook-for-kids/id1088277284…

Edubook for Kids is a unique way to help the growing kids fill out various types of worksheets without actually referring any book. It is an easy and interactive app that any child of 4 to 7 years would love to be playing with. These worksheets include Match the Objects, Fill in the Blanks, Identify the Objects and much much more.
This will not only help kids to learn the basics of worksheet filling, but it will also help them to identify various objects and learn the basic counting and many other things. It will help the parents to keep track of the progress of their kids’ worksheets and views the points based on the correct or incorrect answers.

The colorful and simple to understand worksheets will also attract and encourage the young ones to complete the worksheet faster offering them the opportunity to learn new things adding to their understanding. It is also equipped with interactive sound and animation and new worksheets for advanced learning. It is actually a fun way for kids to learn without referring the boring textbooks.

Edubook also allows downloading of worksheets in the app for kids to fill out even when they are offline. Parents can also buy more worksheets packages for their kids to work on.
Isn’t it an interesting and fun way to prepare your kids for their future life? The best part is this app is available for free on Google Play and the Apple Store. If you think this is what you have been looking for your kids, time is now to download this application and help your child learn the basics while playing!

Email: info@appsformobs.com
Website: edubookforkids.com
Blog : edubookforkids.com/blog.html
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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EdubookforKids


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