Aam special in ahmedabad

A for Aam
B for Bada Aam
C for Chota Aam
D for Do Aam
E for …

OK jokes apart … we bring to you a few places in Ahmedabad who have Aam special menu for Mango-crazy Amdavadis!

Tomato’s restaurant : Mango Mint smoothie, Mango cheese pie, Paneer in Mango schezwan sauce (now, that’s different)
Agasya (The green House) : Kachi keri no baflo & Mango smoothie
Hyatt (Ista) : Baked mango, Mango crème, mango cheese cake, mango tart, cupcakes & mango macaroons by Chef Upadhyay.
Swati : Famous for their kachi keri no baflo !
Know of some other restaurant & their special menu for Mango season? Tell us !

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