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After a long time, here comes a ‘good’ horror drama movie. If it was not for the ending, I would have rated this as a better than good movie in horror genre in Indian standardsThe script is fresh, unlike most of the recent horror movies – a story of a mother, daughter and a dead husband. Nawazzuddin, the dead husband, loves daughter endlessly, so much he wants her to be around even after death. Nawazuddin, when alive, was a abusive husband but a very loving father. And, now he wants to ‘take’ her with him in his dead world. Bipasha, the mother, fights back …!The movie is chilling most of the times and keeps you hooked-on to screen right from the first scene. Brilliantly shot. Great light effects & Great background music. Hardly any gowrdy scene but still manages to scare you but doesn’t keep you scared for long. A great horror movie should keep you scared long after the movie is over (It took me a week or so to sleep properly after watching Paranormal activity). The movie fizzles only in last 10, but very crucial, minutes owing to the cliche climax and loses its charm or else I would have called it a ‘go watch’ movie.In acting dept, one wonders why a great actor like Nawazzuddin is required in this movie. He hardly has any scene where he gets to display his show his skills except one pre-dead courtroom scene which is just so amazing! Bipasha and other actors are ‘good’.Suparn, Director, can be a good director to look out for soon but in this movie, would rate him average! Overall, one time watch for horror lovers!

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