Abhiraj Pan & Gift Shop

One of its kind Pan & Gift Shop … but hold on – we are not going to talk about the kind of pan they serve!

There are pan & gift shops and then there is Abhiraj; not a cliché typical shop that you have seen/visited but a totally different one.

At some point in time, if not regularly, you must have visited some pan shop or the other; there are road-side ones, there are ones with some speciality and there are big ones. Yes, you have seen imported perfumes, belts, glares, exotic chocolates, unusual lighters and quite a few things at those big pan houses. And you thought that’s it! Wait till you have visited Abhiraj. For they have the range of products you thought did not exist in Ahmedabad. How about a Chilli flavoured chocolate by Lindt? Or Papaya & Strawberry flavoured Tang? Or a drink mix by Mars/Bounty/Snickers? (no, they are not so easily available) A range of flavoured wafers, a huge array of original imported Perfumes/deodorants,  imported chocolate boxes, some really awesome games/gadgets for your kids. The list is endless and the place is totally awesome! To top it up, they have curated things that are an ideal gift for your loved ones. A place not meant only for men but also for ladies out there.

But of course, they have their tasty pan too but, I guess we will not talk about it till they come up with some unusual ones (as they have promised) after Diwali.

Till then we will we say ‘good job done’ to Abhiraj and ‘go visit them’ to you!


Address: GF-28, JBR Arcade, near R.K. Hall, Science City Road, Sola, Ahmedabad.

Phone: +91-9825555559, +91-7600090010

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