Ability on Wheels!

Regardless of anyone's abilities, the open road calls to all! The 'freedom' of being able to drive to work, to a grocery store, to go shopping, or to participate in social events is the basic 'freedom' that everyone seeks. But, as per the common notion that for the ones with mobility or other types of disabilities, this freedom might tend to be restricted. But, not for Mr. HARISH KUMAR, who not only has defied all odds but has also been inducted TWICE in the LIMCA BOOK RECORDS. To help many others who are adhered to this kind of a disability, he has started his own NGO, ABILITY ON WHEELS! www.abilityonwheels.com


The organisation helps in people adapting to a modified vehicle and can transform a person with disabilities from dependent on others to completely independent. His organization has plans to set up a first of its kind Motor Driving Training School exclusively for People with Disabilities. Other than that, the organisation also plans to provide wheel chair accessible cars on rent which have a designated ramp for people who are bound to a wheelchair, making it easier for them to commute without a hassle.


What is staggering is how the efforts of a person, can truly make a difference in addressing the problem and the journey towards empowerment of disability to ability. Mr. Harish Kumar was born on April 22, 1971 with the absence of right limb below elbow since birth. But, he has never let his disability affect him whatsoever and has set 2 records by completing a solo All-India Motor Expedition in 29 days 6 hrs 20 mins making it the fastest such expedition by a physically challenged person, driving a Tata Safari (without modification) from Gandhinagar and covered 15,963 kms across 28 states & 7 union territories. The other record is Solo Completion of the Golden Quadrilateral, again in his Tata Safari, covering 5911 kms in 5 days,9 hrs 3 mins.


And how can you help him? You can either SPREAD THE WORD or BECOME A VOLUNTEER by participating for the cause, either through your valuable time or contributing monetarily or even by helping us raise funds or DONATE, irrespective of the amount. Details are available on the websitewww.abilityonwheels.com

Step forward. Be a Change. Inspire. Engage. Motivate. Support. Cheers.


Address: 334, SoBo Center, Behind Sun City, South Bopal, Ahmedabad 380058

Contact: +91-9687533888
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