Acentric Loft Cafe

Uniqueness is truly defined by this store! As if each product is brought to mesmerize all of us and drag towards this store. “What’s new?” would always be a question while passing by that road. By the way, what’s this store’s name?

Acentric Loft. A home Décor store! Hold on! We aren’t talking about their home décor products though.

One of its kind stores in Gujarat, it is not only a home décor store. This mesmerizing, mind blowing, fantabulous, beautiful, attention grabbing store also has an amazing café with an international touch. To our knowledge, the new trend of bringing a store and café together was initiated from this place. And yes, it’s truly a European style café.

Looking for that perfect ambiance, peace, soothing aroma and a sip of coffee/tea?  This is the best place in town to have coffee No, we aren’t saying that coffees at other cafés are not good but we found that different taste at only one place, Acentric Loft. It is different because of the authentic and refreshing formulations brought all the way from various part of the globe. Now you know why we said that coffee tastes different! Try Dark City & Caphe Nau Da coffees and you’ll know.

Not just coffee! Tea lovers, aromatic and soothing green tea named Oloong is also one drink that we recommend. What more? With these refreshing aromatic beverages, also try Chinese Suqare. A very soft bun filled with Paneer and loads of veges with cheese on top. It was very soft and a li’l spicy.

And Paneer Pocket, again veges filled in a very soft bun. Though the stuffing looked same, it didn’t taste same as Chinese Square. It’ll melt in your mouth in a second. In short, from drinks to beverages to ambiance; there is nothing that we didn’t like at Acentric Loft.

Address: 1st Floor Ajanta – Oreva House, Above Rolce Royce Showroom, Thaltej, S.G. Highway

Time: 10am to 8pm

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