Acentric Loft

Understanding the difference between a toothbrush and a paintbrush is all it takes to appreciate art.

This season, it’s time for you to show that you know that difference. For those, who always dreamt of having an exquisite and distinct piece of art or sculpture in your house or office, We present you Acentric Loft.

Acentric Loft, is unique in many ways. All though a home decor studio with one of its kind product ranges that you won’t find elsewhere, it also caters to those who have that flair for art. Like always, we would had given you a brief of the products offered for sale here, but then we thought otherwise. No matter how hard we tried the beauty and the thought behind creating these pieces of art and sculpture is beyond words. Hence for once we would let the pictures do the talking.

The products are authentic, since the products showcased here are not run of the mill ideas. They are an artist’s portrayal of the world around in the most unusual and exquisite of forms. The best part, this products are unique not only in their art but also there is no replica available elsewhere or even with the store. So if you buy any one of the products displayed, be rest assured, you are the only one with that piece of art. Hence along with the feeling of being the proud owners of the product you also enjoy the feeling of exclusivity.

With guests visiting your home during this festive season, this is the perfect season to indulge in shopping for these pieces of art and sculpture and give your home that Arty appeal.

Be warned, you might end up buying a new home, cause you just realized that you didn’t want to let go of anything that is available there.
Address: Ajanta- OREVA house 1st floor, Thaltej, SG Highway, Ahmedabad

Phone: 079 6525 5566

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