Action Jackson: Movie Review

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Director: Prabhudeva
Cast:  Ajay Devgn, Sonakshi Sinha, Yami Gautam, Manasvi Mamgai, and Anand Raj

Story of two big-chests, one big waist, one tiny waist, one hairless head & etc …
Mein sirf ek baar kehta hu … (cos I am unbearable next time I say the same thing)
No commitment … (of anything new cos I am doing a repeat)
You dance like Prabhu … (ya right! Ajay can dance. I am writing this article while sky-diving)
Presenting to you, yet another Rowdy meets Singham meets Kick meets every movie in this genre.
Gosh … why do they make such movies? And why in the world do we go for such movies? To contribute to them making yet another senseless-baseless 100-Crore blockbuster? Or to help us lower our IQ (or whatever). And as if a senseless movie was not enough, you have a bunch of senseless songs punched throughout the movie to make it even worse. Top it up with Sonakshi’s waist size & Ajay’s attempt on dancing. And wait, don’t forget to add a larger-than-life Villain with his sexy crazy always-high tiny-waisted sister who keeps drooling of AJ. Still not entertaining enough? You also have but-ofcourse action sequences (and those are really good) – AJ beating every orange guy black, blue & red; either bare-handed or with a sword stolen from the set of Kill Bill. And everytime he fights, he does it bare-chested. Afterall, what’s the fun of having a six-pack if you don’t even show it off (this is my jealousy talking).
Ok so anyways, there is also an attempt of putting a storyline. Now now, you don’t think I am exaggerating, do you? CAUTION : SPOILERS AHEAD. Well, the story has lot of twists. Intelligent ones. Errrr … I mean yes you’ve seen Rowdy Rathod but it’s ok. You don’t care, do you? Vishi is a local Mumbai guy with great chest. He is good & bad, both at the same time (Robin Hoods, anybody?). Falls in love with a big-waist ‘cos big-waist believes big-chest brings her luck everytime she sees him pants-down. Yet another big-chest suddenly comes in scene and replaces the first big-chest for God only knows the reason. This all is suspense in movie. But you don’t care, do you? Anyways, the second big-chest sends first big-chest to Bangkok to have fun with Villain’s sexy crazy always-high tiny-waist sister. And again there is a twist : the first big-chest has to be replaced with second big-chest because the tiny-waist comes to know about the golmaal. So the big-chest comes in scene and kills everybody. In style. With sword. And bare-handed too. Without shirt. Story over!
Sorry guys, I have been a really bad reviewer this time but honestly I am not at all feeling bad about it. I am not even going to read whatever I have written above including no grammatical proof-reading. Except a few action sequences, a few jokes that you like – there is nothing about the movie that you should be going for. But you don’t care, do you? You will still watch this movie.
2 Shors overall.

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