Admit your kids to Modern Day Gurukul: Khyati World School

Attributes: School & Day Care

Nestled amidst lavish greens, is this school with a state-of-the-art campus and an aim to enable every student who thinks, acts and reacts as a responsible individual! Khyati World School is the name!


“Why should we select Khyati World School?”- you’d ask. Well, here are some of the reasons-


  • The only school of city that strives to be a learning institute of educational excellence whose students are sensitive enough to address the needs of the world.

  • A state-of-the-art campus away from the cacophony of the city-rush and in the lap of nature.

  • All the facilities your child may ever need like- full-length swimming pool, basketball campus, football ground, athletic tracks, amphitheatre, art & craft room and a lot more; to grow up being who he/she wants to be!

  • Personal attention towards each child by a teacher.

  • Here, there are no classrooms, there are Gurukul classrooms. (visit them and you’ll know)

  • They follow, the activity-based learning methodology!


And the list goes on! So end your search for the perfect school and get going to Khyati World School!


Khyati World School is an endeavour of the very well-known Firdaus Amrut School. The strong-hold on innovative teaching methods of Khyati World School is something that the City is not unknown about.


Address- Thaltej-Shilaj-Rancharda Road, Nandoli, Ahmedabad

Call- 9099273000 / 9099272000

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