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What’s wrong with you, Night? Aren’t you the same guy who created a date movie called The Sixth Sense? And then when you made “Signs”, I still kept my faith in you intact; thought you will again come with a master piece like Sixth Sense. I didn’t say anything even after “The Village” and sat through “The Happening” too. I liked the ‘Unbreakable’ for it had a different line of story altogether. Ya, ok fine … I gave up when I saw “The Last Airbender”; and so when I heard about “After Earth” I decided I will NOT watch it before I have read the review; and then (arrghh!) I saw you have casted ‘The’ Will Smith in this movie. Hell, I thought, I have to watch this first day first show.
And bang! You killed me! Sorry for getting emotional … but guess I cannot help my expectation from both of you.

After Earth is not a disaster-disaster or an outright flop, per se, but definitely a movie you wouldn’t regret not going for. In fact, you would be happier not watching it in theatre.

Humans have abandoned Earth, for whatever reason, and now they live on some other planet. The planet is under by aliens who have sent creatures that can sense fear in human and hunt them. Will Smith leads the army to defeat the aliens but controlling his fear. Jaden is under training to become a Ranger like his father but fails for some reason. Jaden also blames himself for letting his sister die at the hands of alien creature.

On a mission, Will and Jaden travel in spaceship. The spaceship crash lands to Earth, which is now a quarantined planet. Will and Jaden survive the crash (obviously). Their only chance of getting back to their planet is by using a gadget. Will, heavily injured, orders Jaden to search for the tail section of spaceship which broke off during their crash landing. The tail section is miles away. Jaden is now on his little adventure trip to locate & get the gadget. After a series of tit-bit adventures like a chase by monkeys, bitten by leech, attacked by a huge bird & tigers, he finally manages to reach the broken section of spaceship & locates the gadget. The gadget is to be taken to a mountain-top (a volcano) for better signal. The alien deadly creature follows, they fight and Jaden finally wins by overcoming his fear.

Like any other Night’s creation, the movie has lot of emotions (too much for no reason), a few scenes brilliantly shot and slow. Night takes time to build up curiosity but fails, mostly, to keep it going. You almost know everytime what could happen next. Having said that, there are a few surprising moment – I call them Night Shyamalan’s moments, like Will getting bounced in air suddenly – no, you were not expecting that.

Edited by Sagar Dave

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