Ahmedabad Food Festival 2017 invites you to join them!

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The biggest Food Festival of Gujarat- Ahmedabad Food Fest is back with its 3rd Edition. This time it is even bigger. OR should we say, Grander. For just a glimpse, the previous edition in 2016 had a footfall of over 55000! Book your stalls at this grand fiesta while you still can! Call- 98255 00091 / 76988 39999 / 98255 69933 / 98982 00105


Ahmedabad Food Festival, 2017 | 15th, 16th & 17th December | GMDC Ground


Ahmedabad Food Festival invites you to be a part of this grand celebration! A great opportunity for the food brands looking for an Additional Revenue Vertical i.e., your regular business goes on, you also earn from being a part of AFF!


With an expected footfall of nearly 22000 / day and one of the most aggressive event promotion strategy including promotions on online, Offline, Radio, Live coverage of the event, Hoardings, and much more, Ahmedabad Food Festival is going to be one of the grandest of food festival ever experienced.


In its last edition, Ahmedabad Food Festival garnered a footfall of more than 50000 footfalls resulting in a massive response to all the 90+ participating members in the food festival. This time, Ahmedabad Food Festival invites participants from Hotels, Restaurants, Food Wagons and Street & Individual food entrepreneurs.


Ahmedabad food festival is one such event that not only marks the coming together of legends of the food fraternity who are a part of the advisory board of the event, like Rushad Ginwala (Tomatoes), Lester Dcosta (Upper Crust, Shagun), Narendra Somani (TGB), Dilip (Gopi Dining Hall) to name a few.


Not just food, Ahmedabad food festival also has options in Games, Workshops, Live Music and a dedicated Children’s play area.  Announcing the Ahmedabad Food Fest is no small deal and everything from Hoardings, Newspapers, Radio and Social Media will be promoting the Festival well in advance.


With almost everything in Gujarat's biggest food festival aimed at maximum exposure to your brand and attracting scores and scores of footfalls, don’t wait, instead go ahead and book your space and let you and your brand soar the new highs!


Date- 15th, 16th & 17th December

Venue-  GMDC Ground.

Call- 98255 00091 / 76988 39999 / 98255 69933 / 98982 00105

Website- http://www.ahmedabadfoodfest.com/

Follow them at- https://www.facebook.com/AhmedabadFoodFest/

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