Ahmedabad get ready to experience an event unlike any!

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Experience Fear, Excitement, anxiety, happiness, regret and overall a sense of wanting to survive, this 29th October, Get ready to participate in the first ever Zombie Run Event of Ahmedabad. Call 7487033935 to register or book your tickets – https://www.instamojo.com/cityshor/zombie-run/  @ early bird offer of 20% off
This is the first of its kind adventure game event of the city. The aim is to save your life from Zombies who have taken over the town. While the entire route is charted out and you start at one point with an objective of reaching the finishing line, you will have to run through different obstacles that are laid down in your path. 
And yes did we mention that there will be hordes of Zombies in your path, awaiting their chance to pounce on you stop you from completing the race! You will have to run through old buildings, clear obstacles and make sure you do not get caught / killed by Zombies! 
Sounds scary!? Crazy? Fun? This exactly what this adventure game is all about. 
For the first time in history of India, here is an event you have only heard about - an event that you will PLAY not on screen but on STREET! 
Call 7487033935 to know more & register. Hurry! Limited Entries! And Early Bird @ 20% off!

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