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I stare into the plain sight and wonder, what more can be said about Ahmedabad that has never been said. It’s been two hours now, the sun is busy playing unruly games showing no signs of rain. The page is still blank and the ink might soon dry up.

What is it that attracts people to Ahmedabad? Despite the heat, the dry weather, and the flummoxing traffic jams. Why is it still one of the favorite tourist destinations in India? The low hanging clouds seemed to have no answer to my questions. I turned myself to the harmless Sabarmati, hoping that she might help but little did I know, the answers were right where I was standing. The 121 years old bridge bridging the gap between the two extremely antipodean worlds yet living synergically together was the answer. It is intriguing as how the east meets west here, traditions with new emerging trends, prayers of the old with the fortitude of the jeunesse and the thing which holds them together is this bridge.

One side is a 600 years old city waiting to be unleashed. The Indo-Sarcenic architecture of all the monuments is a witness of a melange of cultures that still reside in those small narrow crooked lanes and Pols. The laid back attitude of people no matter what is happening outside can be perfectly described by the famous Italian phrase “Dolce far niente: The Sweetness of Doing Nothing”. And ironically, the same attitude changes into a never ending rush during the day hours. We live here by the hour, each hour has a particular mood, unique in itself and to indulge yourself into such delicacies is no less than a fantasy.

With such a rich experience of culture and heritage when you move down the bridge about a few hundred meters, the scenario completely changes. The other side lies one of the fastest developing cities in the world. The new upcoming malls, multiplexes, cultural spaces, theme based cafes and restos, the crazy food stalls on the roads offering you some super crazy dishes are enough to satisfy any sort of desire you intend to savour. And it’s only after a while you realise that you’re in the same city.

This is what makes Ahmedabad special and an incredible spot for tourists. It’s diversity in culture, religion, food and society is enigmatic. The hundreds of years old historical places just around the corner will blow your imagination by its beautiful architecture and intrinsic art. This place has witnessed round about everything from Mughals to Dandi march, communal riots to devastating earthquakes, but we heel. The symbiotic relationship of the people and cultures has helped us to heel.

Summarising, one day in Ahmedabad is certainly not enough for any tourist. You have to get out on the streets, wander, bargain, eat, and experience what it has to offer at different hours, like an Amdavadi does. Because when it comes to Ahmedabad, it is always special and that’s the reason why it’s a popular tourist spot.

I think I have my answers now.

It’s raining!

By - Khayal Trivedi

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