All new Mango based delicacies at Falashin

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The only reason that makes us happy about the arrival of Summers- Mango is here!


What better place, can there be, other than Falashin to devour the first flavours of MANGO of the season?


FALASHIN - the place famous all across Ahmedabad for its unique fruit based delicacies, is here with the biggest surprise of the season!


Mango based delicacies at FALASHIN! | Falashin – Juices & Dishes, Arista Complex , Sindhu Bhavan Road


Mango Supreme is something that people went crazy about, during last Summer! From Mango based salads to Sundaes, nothing here is anything like we have tasted anywhere before!


Without further ado, here is a glimpse to our favourites:


Mango-based beverages, that we just can’t get enough of: Mango Lassi, Mango King, Nutella Mango and our all time fav- Mango Supreme!


A fan of Mango in its, true form only? Try the Fresh Mango Bowl, or the salads- Sweet n Sour Mango Salad / Vegan Salad


How about some icecreams? :O | note the name- Mango Fruit Sundae


Have never been to Falashin? Here is, what it feels like, being at Falashin:

Hypnotic with its use of vibrant colours on the walls on one side, and on the other, a wall designed with tiles, enter Falashin and you leave the dullness of the city behind!

If it’s a company of two, choose from among the side tables and enjoy your time here. When it’s a matter of a company of friends, park on the sofa’s either at the entry or at a beautifully made up area, cordoned off with quarter sized pillars made of wood. Mind it, the sofas in this space will give you that English coach feel!

And now that you have soaked in the ambiance and are one with falashin, time for you to indulge into some of the best moments at the cafe!


Address: Falashin – Juices & Dishes, Arista Complex , Sindhu Bhavan Road

Call: 96939 31111

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