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Does your child have difficulty to cope up with the frightful numbers (Mathematics) at School? Or might be distraught over English speaking skills? OR you want them to do better in both? You need not fret anymore so, We Suggest you ALOHA (well, who doesn't know them) and their wondrous programs to help your child grow! With immense results, and a widespread repo, you know that you are in for a sure-shot solution with ALOHA!

Solely focusing on the two most key aspects language and mathematics, ALOHA undertakes to of its most signature courses, in the form of Abacus based MENTAL ARITHMETIC, and ENGLISH SMART!
ALOHA Mental Arithmetic (ages 4 to 14) using abacus is a revolutionary concept which not only increases the mathematical skill of the student and remove their phobia (fear) thru fun filled learning methodology but also increases the brain powers such as concentration level, memory, confidence speed and accuracy of the student, which would no doubt help the child to achieve success in all fields. Surprised to read improvement of brain skills using mathematics!!!!  Yeah that’s true, we recommend to visit the nearest ALOHA centre and understand how and why brain improves. It’s worth understanding. And of course worth your time too cause it’s for betterment of your child. It’s simple better brains better life.

Aloha even offers ENGLISH SMART, a program for today's world where everyone recognizes the need of communicative power in the English Language & it has become the necessity of the business and social world. This program gives equal importance to the development of various language skills that increases the power of communication & creativity in English. There are so many English classes in the market but ALOHA’s English smart is very unique in its approach, content and practicality, where others struggle giving results, Aloha students shine out with confidence. Its not only about getting good marks in school, but it’s more of getting command over the communication.

For the unvaried, here is some insight to ALOHA INTERNATIONAL, which is a company (based in Malaysia) in the field of brain development through Mental Arithmetic & language improvements thru English Smart, has brought this great concept to India in 2002, and in Gujarat since past 11 years.
. Till date there are total 1100 canters in India &  330+ franchise of Aloha in Gujarat which is one of the highest franchise holding company in our country into the education field & the first company to have an ISO  9001-2000 certificate for mental arithmetic. In Gujarat over 1,20,000 students have already passed out and benefited of ALOHA courses. Having such a good network we bet it will be easy to find Aloha centre somewhere near by your home.  

More so, they have also recently introduced a Scholarship program for your children having scored above 60% or “B” Grade, based on the results of their last term! 

A good education is the foundation for the bright future of the country. Various organisations have worked towards achieving this goal and the institution which is the forerunner in this field is ALOHA. We don't have to speak on their behalf as their history and more importantly their results speak of their success. So, what's there to think twice when it comes to enrolling your kids in Aloha and help create a better future for them and India, It’s worth trying!!!

Contact Details:
Ambawadi - 9998484700
Bapunagar - 8460501122
Bopal - 7575850066
Bodakdev - 7567034999
Ghatlodia - 9879087639
Gurukul - 7801941637
Maninagar - 7778078790
Naranpura - 9408644715
Naroda - 9904854854
Nikol - 9979795454
IOC Road - 079-65420242
Sabarmati - 9879087639
Shahibaug - 079-65414144
Shyamal - 9558213135
South Bopal - 8866809809
Vasna - 8734944971
Vastrapur - 9033013430

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