Alone: Movie Review

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Director: Bhushan Patel
Cast: Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover

After 1920 and Ragini MMS 2, ALONE is the third horror film directed by Bhusan Patel and Surprise! Surprise! It is no different with the same ol' havelis, doors which require some oiling, swaying branched & swings and douche bag tantriks! Being a Bollywood Horror Movie, it checks the list of every done-to-death cliché which was formed a decade ago!
The synopsis of the story can be derived from the trailer itself wherein there is a set of conjoined twins who are operated upon but, one of them dies and the movie follows up with the deceased one haunting the other with the same angle & thought process of the age-old horror films, from drinking water in the middle of the night, to heading out of the house to check out some 'noise' from oblivion and 'surprisingly' everything takes place at night with wind blowing through the entire house and swaying the curtains.

What Sunny Leone  was in Ragini MMS 2, Karan Singh Grover is ditto: Eye Candy, where you will find him trying to hog the cameras with unnecessary songs and love making sequences. He rightly justifies his role of being just an eye-candy because his lack of ability to show can emotions break the barely managed flow of the movie and when it comes to Bipasha Basu, there is nothing new whatsoever, we have become soo accustomed to her screaming face and expressions that is like seeing the anti-smoking campaign prior to every film: Monotonous and irritating!
There are a list of routine things in the movie but, one scene which 'blew my mind' was a segment wherein Tarot Session takes place with playing cards and Bipasha's future is predicted! Aise toh kaise!! About the surrounding, Kerela has been captured beautifully but, the crucial details are amiss and the horrible Malayali Accent. My God! Why!?

In all, I give ALONE, 1 Shor for it does have a moment or two when you might feel, MIGHT, a little jolt from your slumber. If you are thoroughly bored in life and staring at a blank wall is not an option then you can opt for Alone with a friend because you will definetly need someone to laugh out loud with! Cheers.

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