Ambience of UBC - The Food Spa

Cuisines: Punjabi, Continental

Filters: Vegetarian Only, Outdoor seating, Dine-in

Attributes: Restaurants, Family, Lively

Food Spa, doesn’t that just sell it right away? UBC: Food Spa serves up a fantastic array of foods ranging from sweet and sour mocktails to crunchy or creamy entrées. However, all this fancy food is complemented by the atmosphere UBC brings to you. Settled in the 'hip and happening' area of our city, UBC attracts much of the active and bustling crowd. It's a place you may just swing by to chew on some snacks or chug down a mocktail. It's located in an 'easy to access' place and gives you the choice of just walking in or planning your dinner here.

What's intriguing about this unique 'food spa' is that they allow you the options of sitting inside or on the large swinging table sets outside. Although this place is fetch and fresh during day, it's the nightlife that UBC feeds from. The outdoors is lit with crimson sparkling jewels of lights draped over and around the swings. The bright yellow UBC title-board invites you inside a large room embraced with a scarlet and rose sheen. Your eyes will wander and skim the ceiling as the curved lace vector of it changes colors every few seconds. Imagine a discotheque in slow motion. that's exactly what it is - a mix and mingling of hustle-bustle and the space to sit back and relax.

A table for two? A table for 20? You ask, they'll arrange it. That's how ready UBC is to satisfy your hunger. You can choose to sit on chairs or on a booth, by the window, by the bar. YES- A BAR! Hop on over to their little mocktail bar to be served up a fresh and uniquely 'bartended' cup of fizz. 

So, there you have it - UBC: Food Spa! Head on over there any evening of the week and expect an explosion of choices around you - from where to sit, what to eat, and what to drink. But there’s one thing for sure - UBC will massage your appetite and crank up your cravings. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

46 & 47, Rudra Square, Judges Bungalow Road, Bodakdev

Contact number:

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