Amdo's Kitchen

Cuisines: Tibetian

Filters: Non Veg, Dine-in

Attributes: Street Food

If you miss it this time, you won’t get to eat the only authentic Tibetan momos for next six months!
We had heard a lot about these momos from NIDians and wanted to see if they are any good. What we come across  after a hunt of 30 minutes is a small kitchen covered with Green cloth! So be assured that you have found the place when you find this green cloth. Just when we enter, what we see is Baithak style seating! That is quite appealing!

You don’t get these momos for almost half a year! Yes, these authentic Momos, prepared by a Tibetan chef family, are available in Ahmedabad only for six months when the weather is not extreme hot. The owner of this joint, Amdo and his family have a small place near NID where they serve exceptional momos, thukpas and an interesting soup like dish named Thantuk. This seven year old place is for hardcore foodies who don’t give a damn to the ambience. So just ignore the ambience, sit down and dig in to some great momos with fiery chutney!

Situated in the small lane between Hotel Tulip Inn and Tulsi Travel Agency, Amdo Kitchen is a bit difficult to spot. But once you find it, there is nothing that can stop you from munching on yummy momos!

Cityshor gives these momos 10/10!

The momos are served steaming hot along with a fiery chutney made of red chillies. Chicken filling was exceptional with all the right flavours. Veg momo was filled up with finely chopped vegetables and was cooked to perfection.

The red chutney that is served along is very different from what you get at other momo places.

We also had Chicken Thukpa which basically is a chicken stock along with roasted chicken pieces and boiled noodles in it. It is quite a filling dish and the flavours are quite basic. Veg Thantuk is a sister dish of Thukpa, with chunks of vegetables and small portions of maida rotis…something like Dhoklis in our Dal Dhokli! It’s quite an interesting dish. The taste is a mix of all the vegetables and the stock tastes quite fresh!

The place is priced so cheap that the cost for two is only around Rs.100/-.

This place is quite crowded in the evenings, especially because NIDians love the food over here. Mr. Amdo keeps in touch with every customer through SMS so that when he opens the joint after their six moth long break, he can inform each of his customer. For a Tibetan like Amdo, he’s getting his CRM right without an MBA!

Address: Amdo Kitchen: opp. APC Bank, the lane between Hotel Tulip Inn and Tulsi Travel Agency, near NID.

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