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What’s your perception about an award winning movie? – Boring, Serious, Superb acting… and some more adjectives… well even after so many adjectives we know that many of these movies are just not entertaining. Well, here’s a director who knows how to win audience’s heart and bag awards for himself as well. American Hustle which kinda dominated Golden Globe awards recently is surely a ‘not-to-miss’ movie.

The movie is loosely based on a real life FBI investigation happened back in 1978. Back then, the FBI launched its first major operation to target corrupt public officials. The FBI hired a convicted con artist to plan and conduct the operation. The operation was about offering money to senior political officials in return of few favors in United States. What follows, in this fiction, is something that you should look forward to.

Howsoever serious it may sound; the movie has all the right combination of amazing plot, comedy and lot of drama. The stellar casting may excite you the most but the amazing part of this movie is ‘it just doesn’t allow you to blink your eye even for a second’. You won’t feel like going for a loo and not stand-up even for those standard popcorn breaks. It is thoroughly entertaining and engaging.

You surely would be enjoying the strong dialogues, well scripted story line and amazing cinematography but more than that, you would fall in love with dialogues and its delivery, cinematography and attention to 70s back drop details.

Hats off to this brilliant movie of 2014.

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