American Sniper: Movie Review

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Director: Clint Eastwood
Cast: Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller with Luke Grimes, Kyle Gallner, Sam Jaeger, Jake McDorman and Cory Hardrict in supporting roles.

Clint Eastwood’s phenomenal AMERICAN SNIPER starts off with Chris Kyle, the real-life U.S. Navy SEAL and war hero portrayed by Bradley Cooper, picking off two targets - a woman and her son, who are about to bomb their convoy. With crystal vision through his rifle, the sniper reflects, silently and briefly, on what he’s just done. That moment showcases Kyle's feelings, which can't be put into words and not necessarily needs to be then. Clint Eastwood’s film lets this good & anguished man speak for himself at his own pace where he adheres himself for any feelings that might hamper in completing his deadly missions.

After coming across as an excellent actor in his previous movies, may it be The Hangover, Silver Linings Playbook or even American Hustle, Bradley Cooper tends to be equally stellar in his extraordinarily austere portrayal of Kyle with his eloquent silences, interesting impassivity and the conflicts that he faces with his inner self without any sentimentality whatsoever.

Clint Eastwood explores and rightly exhausts the minimal ways showcasing Kyle taking aim and firing, both as a soldier and also as a God-fearing, gun-loving youngster growing up in Texas. Even if the camera doesn't show Bradley Cooper with a rifle in front of his face, the actor is mesmerizing, wherein you can visualise his growing spiritual isolation and repressed anger. 'I need you to be human again', cries his wife, played with apt coherence by Sienna Miller but, off he goes again to protect his fellow brothers and for 'the greatest country in the world' until a final ultimatum.

As the movie progresses, you might tend to compare it to the 'Hurt Locker' wherein Kathryn Bigelow had showcased a fictional presentation of a similarly repressed hero but, was extravagantly daring and 'inhuman' that Kyle could ever be. Keeping the emotional boundaries in check, Clint Eastwood and screenwriter Jason Hall, adapting from Chris Kyle's Autobiography have made a fine, lean film that celebrates patriotism and courage, but with a "Legend's" eye for tragedy, the follies of history and the toll that war takes on the warriors.

In all, I give American Sniper 3.5 Shors for it is a well-crafted military drama, which tends to get predictable at times but, with a strong performance by Cooper & smart direction by Eastwood, you should witness the same at least once. Cheers. 

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