Amita Damani the Jewellery Designer

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Ever thought of Renewing your old Jewellery?

Not really, before meeting Amita Damani revamping old jewellery was unheard of. But after seeing her designs, we think it is totally worth it. Old is, after all, gold. Reviving your hidden treasures and old memories is now easy. Why keep them rotting in the bank lockers? Why feel, “Oh, yeh to bahot old fashioned design hai.” Get up and get it changed. 

Amita Damani is one jewellery designer who tells people not to melt their old jewels. If the design has potential to take a contemporary twist, she makes sure to twist the tale. Isn’t it just great?

Well, another of her specialities is multi-purpose jewellery. Jewellery pieces that can be worn in more than one way. Whether its reversible earrings or neckpieces — changeable stones or a complete design change, Amita has a knack for it.

To visit her studio, call +91 93270 57615
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