An extensive array of spectacular non-veg fare only @ SIGDI!

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Have you ever spent an entire afternoon delving into mouth-watering, show stopping and absolutely authentic non-vegetarian delicacies? Ever felt like sinking into the plush seating of a restaurant for all eternity after filling your stomach up to the brim with their offerings? 

If yes, then you will able to relate to us because we just went through the above and trust me, we are almost speechless. CityShor is proud to announce that SIGDI has still managed to impress us yet again with its exhaustive menu, blinding lights, regal ambiance and an all-embracing experience that most of the eateries in the city fail to provide. 

One of the finest restaurants hailing all the way from Surat, SIGDI is here to drastically change the non-veg scene in the city and boy have they swept us! From their signature red meat, chicken dishes and sea food to their outrageous portions, transcendent quality and not too hard on the pocket menu; this one ticks all the boxes a non-veg restaurant should have and deserves a shout out for the amount of efforts they put in each and every dish. 

To begin with, they have a long menu that features scores of chicken delicacies. Be it their CHICKEN ANGOORI, DRAGON CHICKEN, SHESMI CHICKEN CHILLY or CHICKEN MAST MALANG TIKKA, each of these is prepared with utmost care and fresh ingredients and results in a distinctive array of immensely good tasting fare that will make you drop your jaws to the floor. 

Some other notable mentions and must try dishes include the oh so succulent NOOR JAHAN TIKKA, the piping hot and spicy RAAN BARBECUE, and WINTER LEG which cannot be justified by any description whatsoever!

 What takes their game to a whole new level though are the following three dishes that will make you want to go there again and again: SIGDI DHAMAKA, LEGS DHAMAKA and TANDOOR DHAMAKA. All these three dishes are cooked and seasoned to perfection, served in a manner that will satiate the biggest of your hunger pangs with ease and will prove its worth with its uniqueness of the flavours, presentation and the taste without a sliver of doubt! 

All you hopeful non-vegetarians always wishing of a great food joint to delve into; it's time to profess your love for SIGDI blindly because once you go, you are bound to go crazy! Enjoy!

Address: U.N. 101, Sigma Ceejay Legacy, first floor, iim road, Ahmedabad
Contact: 8000463333

Tags: An extensive array of spectacular non-veg fare only @ SIGDI!

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