An inspiring co working space!

Is there anyone with creative and entrepreneurial bent of mind? Well, it’s difficult to find a place to work or if found then it’s not affordable for a new venture.

IdeaPad is about being in an atmosphere where people from various backgrounds come together to make something real, where a casual conversation over coffee can lead to collaboration on the latest mobile app, where working alone is replaced with creative neighbourhood and where informal discussions can lead to great ideas. We are serious! IdeaPad offers a serene and inspiring co-working environment and access to state-of-the-art infrastructure at CIIE – Office space, Meeting rooms and much more. IdeaPad is beyond a  co-working.

By the way, what is Ideapad? It’s Housed at IIM Ahmedabad’s Centre for Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship, IdeaPad is an attempt to get creative people (artists, designers, innovators, entrepreneurs, freelancers etc) of the city to come together, engage and co-work together.

It’s also got a cool café  (Café Turquoise) adjoining – which apart from  good  food  will  organize regular fun nights  (comedy, music, be-a-chef and many more!). Hey, and yes, they’ve got a music teacher, a barbecue and a wood fired oven waiting for you to have some fun! So yes, do you have an idea? Looking for a space? CIIE’s Ideapad inside new IIM is ready for you!

There are two ways to apply for Ideapad.

You can be a “co-working member” at IdeaPad at Rs. 1500 / – per person per month (internet charges on actuals) or you can also be a “visiting-member” of IdeaPad at Rs 100/- per person per month. Being a visiting member gives you access to the café and their events.

Email your interest to, by answering the following questions

1) What is the most interesting thing that you have ever created in your life? (this could be a code, an app, a song, a painting, a design or anything new, but created by you!)

2) What was the last interesting thing that you created and how long back was this?

3) Share a brief profile of yours

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