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I always regret about not keeping the furniture I had before years. The antique furniture! Yes, I remember my old house was filled antique furniture and I was too young to understand antique & heritage things but now when I do, I don’t have anything left from that old furniture so I regret.

But then came someone to help me buy what I lost years ago and the name is Anjana Handicrafts. They are pioneers for beautiful old antique furniture and many other things. We told you about them a few days ago but today it’s specifically for the furniture part. What you desire is with them.

Beautiful huge doors to chairs, carved tables to windows, Pillars to cupboards and what not! Whatever you wish for is available here. Name it from the old days and they’ll take you to that place. Anjana Handicraft is unbelievably huge and you can’t finish seeing everything in just a day. Trust us; one day is definitely not enough to see the treasure of unique furniture. Before we forget to tell you, if you get a chance to visit Mumbai international airport then don’t miss to see a beautiful art installation on the walls and who has done it?

The name is again Anjana Handicrafts. So, if you feel you have lost that heritage antique touch because of the modern life then forget regretting about it because there is someone who has saved it for you. So go decorate your house like never before. And if you like it fusion then yes, go for it. Make it look beautiful with both antique and modern furniture and give that different look.

Contacts: Kunal A. Jain – 09825033939

Rajan Jain - 09724133300


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