Anjana Handicrafts - For beautiful home!

Attributes: Furniture, Decor, Cupboard, Storage, Tables, Decor Pieces

Twice we told you about the beautiful treasure hunt and here we bring that to you again. That one amazing place filled with thousands of beautiful antique furniture.

Can you guess the name? Well, don’t worry, we are anyways going to reveal the name but you can at least guess! Antique furniture, Art pieces from ancestors, Old chairs, old Facade and what not? Everything truly old and antique!

Ok, so are telling you the name! It’s Anajana Handicrafts, the best ever found by us and we are in love with their products. What we don’t get now is stored by them! So if you were finding anything old for your beautiful home then you know where to go. If you are looking for a small show piece or a carved chair, a door, a window, a mirror, a bench or anything, Anjana Handicraft is the one and only one for this.

Check out the pics and we are sure you’ll think of redecorating your house. Nothing more is needed to say we guess!

Contacts: Kunal A. Jain – 09825033939

Rajan Jain - 09724133300


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