Anjana Handicrafts - Treasure is found!

Attributes: Furniture, Decor, Lightings and Fans, Cupboard, Sofa & Stool, Storage, Tables, Ceiling Hangings, Decor Pieces, Lighting & Lamps

We literally got exhausted after visiting place. Why? It was too huge to finish in one day but it was worth getting tired. We don’t know how many kilometres we walked for but it was like walking in between the treasure. It was treasure of heritage and where did we find that? Somewhere in Narol!

The name is Anjana Handicrafts Art & Antiques . We don’t know what to say about this amazing place. So far, we have not seen something super big. This place is a treasure or more than a treasure. And big as in we can’t even describe how big this place is. We were mesmerized by the collection we saw there. Okay, so about the collection we went nostalgic. I still remember how my old home was. The big doors, lamps, tables, chairs, jhoolas and what not. It’s not about how my home and its furniture were! It’s about how beautiful it was a few years ago and how the modern architecture has eaten the beauty of it.

The old things were finally found after years. The old trunks, furniture, cupboards, Sheep lights, pillars and so many other beautiful things. We are short of words about this. You’ll find what all you have lost in the past. Heritage! The treasure is collected from old havelis, old bungalows and from all old-old place from across the India.

After visiting this place it definitely seems that new infrastructure and architecture has taken away the charm of these beautiful things but here we are. We bring it back to you. People who love buying old heritage things, this is the right place for you.

We would say, today is just a glimpse of what we saw there. Wait for more and we’ll tell you more in depth.

Address: Anjana Handicrafts, Security Estate, Near Kashiram Textile Mill, Opposite Bombay Hotel, Narol, Ahmedabad – 382405

Contacts: Anil Jain - 09825030277
Suresh Jain - 09825033300
Kunal A. Jain - 09825033939
Rajan S. Jain - 09724133300



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