Antique, quirky & distinctive home décor articles by KENT!

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They say that if you fill up a house with love, it becomes a home and they couldn’t be any truer. That unmistakable feeling of stepping into your own private space, where no worries exist and everything else ceases to be except for peace and happiness is something you can never get anywhere no matter how much you try. Now there’s one such place in town that validates the above and ensures that your house is a true reflection of your distinctive personality and that’s KENT HOME DÉCOR AND FURNITURE CO.

With a loyal customer base since 2014 and the widest selection of quality furniture and artefacts; this place provides you with the opportunity and the time to create your own reality, just how you like it. In addition to their complete focus on customer satisfaction and outstanding service, KENT is also dedicated to making a difference in our local community and the planet and uses only the best of materials.

 The mammoth showroom features some of the best displays of beautiful center tables, designer chairs, dining tables, wall clocks, décor items and breathtaking relics that you will hardly find elsewhere in the city along with many more products that will make you want to play house right then and there. Catering to your intrinsic need to stand out from the rest, this outlet knows how to deliver quality products each time, time and time again.

Idiosyncratic, vivacious and vintage; each of these pieces will suit your quaint abodes flawlessly and will radiate flamboyance, elegance and bravura every step of the way. Just look at the pictures and start imagining how every nook and cranny of your house is going to look like!

Come and collect the things that you love which are authentic to you and get a chance to make your house into a story you’ve weaved all by yourself. Be the object of envy and buy stuff regardless of era or price, because only then will your house become a true reflection of you.

Choose KENT, a humble abode of all things exquisite and magnificent, a terminus where the best is affordable. Enjoy.

Address: Shilp Aaron, A-Block 07, Nr. Pakwan Cross Road, S.G.Highway, Sindhu Bhavan Road, Bodakdev.
Phone: 098255 03911


Tags: Antique, quirky & distinctive home décor articles by KENT!

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