Artisanal Desserts to try at A Gourmesserie

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Drool. Click. Dig in. Repeat.
Not passing commands, but we bet this is what you’ll be doing after reading this post.
A Mindblowing range of Artisanal desserts, unlike we have seen anywhere before at à Gourmesserie (check out album)
Freshly handcrafted to order, these desserts are all satiating journeys- we all desperately look to go on. Such has been the mind-numbing impact- we find it hard to ‘not’ get lost into them - so that they can be described. But here we go-
- Rocky Road Cheesecake- A delectable Lotus Biscoff Cheesecake is topped with Chocolates, Nuts, Marshmallows, Cookies & more. Wait. wait. Wait! Before you dig in. How about pouring some Coffee sauce on top?
- Cherry Choc Parfait- A heavenly combo of chocolate cake, Cherries and Icecream.
- Over the Top Cupcake- This is special. Heard of a cupcake based dessert? Read this- A Vanilla cupcake filled with Nutella, topped with Strawberry cream, Vanilla Icecream, Marshmallows, chocolate chips andddd---- OMG!
- Espresso Tiramisu- An exotic combination of Mascarpone, Coffee, Chocolate Mousse, sprinkled with rich Cocoa
- Tropical Twist- Will remind you of a Pineapple Cake. Well, it is! Turn the plate upside down and see! Can you guess the three layers?
- Raspberry Terraine- Smash (not like a hulk) the terrain with a spoon. Dig in!
- Jumble Berry Crumble- Crunch of oats and almond with juiciness of raspberry, strawberry & blueberry on with vanilla Icecream! AHAHAHA!
- Messy Mud pie- The classic, yet nothing like it!
- Cheesecake martini- It tastes as exciting as it sounds!
Feel the sugar-rush? We certainly did! Go for it this weekend!
Time- 11 AM to 11 PM
Call- 72072 50050
Address- A Gourmesserie, 2, Regency Plaza, Prernatirth derasar road, Prahladnagar
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