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Organic! The word used by all but followed by almost none! Or when we ask them about how organic their products are, they get tangled in their own thoughts & can’t give logical answers!

But, finally we found a place where people were not only sensible in talks but also the place visually organic. Yes, the story is about a store near paldi. The name is Asal! First about the name Asal! It means “Original” and yes once you enter this store, you would feel the originality in everything. From the entrance to the floor to ceilings, organic is the word that will come in your mind.

What this store is all about? After seeing the latest technologies destroying natural resources, human relationships and culture, Asal was launched as a movement to restart a sustainable lifestyle which improves the human, environment & general health of planet leading to eternal happiness. And the man behind this is Shripal Shah who took this initiative at the age of 17. Inspired by his guruji, he learnt the science of Ayurveda.

Asal was thus started in 2001 as a model which showcased Indian traditional lifestyle as the most sustainable way of living in today’s context. Asal’s aim is to bring  wholesomeness and sustainability into the lives of people through products that are organic and chemical free in origin.

So once you enter the store, first thing that you’ll see is the door! Intricately carved wooden door depicting stories of traditional lifestyle welcomes the visitor. Once entered, you would smell the fragnrance of all organic things. Yes, the frangrance there is trully fresh. Look down and you will see all together a diffferent floor! Yes, in villages and 10-15 years back we used to see that but these days we dont see it anywhere else. The floor is not made of tiles but the Cow Dung. And electricity? No, not a single light or fan you will see there!

So just imagine, lime plaster walls, cow dung floor & caster oil lamps instead of lights, all these regulate the room temperature. Yes, once you enter, you would feel that it’s cooler than outside temperature!

Moving on to the products, at Asal it includes organically grown and produced food, wide range of body care products made by aurvedic and traditional methods. Not just that, the clothes at this place are organic, Hand crafted toys, handmade bronze, brass and copper utensils and lot more!

Asal ensures that all its products are made following traditional methods of slow manual processing thereby eliminating use of fossil fuels and retaining the beneficial natural qualities of the product.

Girls, the next is for you! Body care products

Snan Raj an Ayurvedic bathing powder, Rose Water, Soaps & Natural Perfume. Rose Water is extracted from special roses called Chaitri Gulab (that blooms only in the Chaitra month of March).

Natural Perfume (Attar) is one of the oldest forms of Aromatherapy to provide calmness and re-establish harmony in the body.

And yes, now stop using plastic combs! Asal also sells Wooden Combs that stimulates blood circulation of the scalp and releases stress thereby promoting healthy hair. This store has a lot of things but guess, we have told you enough! Go and explore yourself now!

Address: 5, Tejpal Society, Nr Fatehnagar Bus-Stop, Raipur Bhajiya House Lane,  Paldi,Ahmedabad – 380 007,

Phone: +91-79-26622020, 26622022


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