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No distance is too far to travel if it means good food at the destination, and that was how we made our way to PHILOTES behind the White Leaf Hotel, off S.G. Highway. Philotes has been different from the word go. The entire restaurant has been placed out in the open with gazebos along-with an outspread of wooden tables & chairs drawing an inspiration from nature - greenery & wood. Their ambiance has been applauded with minimalist yet pleasant decor, while their fast food is lip-smacking from nachos to paninis; adding onto their repo, they nail Asian as well.

So, my first choice was their MANCHOW SOUP. One spoon later, I was ready to go for some more but, the smell of the TOM YUNG SONG diverted my attention. Also, my fork was itching to dig into the PANEER CHILLI DRY that was placed in front of me. Next on my list were SPRING ROLLS complete with a chilli sauce to dip them into. Then the STEAMED RICE arrived along with THAI GREEN CURRY, which went well with the rice, and was steaming hot. More on the common meals they had GINGER FRIED RICE and VEGETABLE HAKKA NOODLES which were appetizing at any given day.

Personally, I would have enjoyed the meal more if some of the dishes were a little more spicy but, that is my personal palette. Before I could voice my opinion, the BABY CORN WITH SALT & PEPPER rolled out. This, according to me, was the best part of the meal and I could finish it with ease.

When it comes to their mocktails, Their one page menu is full of surprises, ample variety and innovation with twists . We chose to order the summer quenchers RIDERS, BLUE HAWAIN, FRENCH KISS and THE BRAZIL which are soothing for just about everyone. Add to that, their in-house special Shots, DADAGIRI and GINGER LADY. The burst of flavour that each of the shots offer in that one gulp is something which I can easily recall till date, totally contrasting and left me craving for some more.

All in All, apart from the food, the music was really soulful. Philotes does not even attempt to be plush. Instead, it is comfortable, clean and serves unpretentious but tasty food at affordable prices. Cheers.

Address: B/H White Leaf Hotel, opposite Grand Bhagwati, S.G. Highway, Ahmedabad-380015
Contact: +91-9925444678, +91-9558888754

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