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Aurangzeb is a must watch for those who love intense movie.


After a long period, you would watch the twin-formula on screen and you would like it too. Arjun Kapoor carries both the roles with the intensity & style that each of them needed and overall does a very neat job; but finally its Rishi Kapoor who steals the screen with his unpredictable role. You would see glimpses of Arjun’s avatar of Isaqzaade in Aurangzeb but it still makes sense, for the role demands it too.

You would have forgotten (or for that matter, it would have never mattered) Prithviraj in his debut movie Aiyaa with Rani Mukherjee, but you wouldn’t want to miss on Prithviraj in this movie. Jackie is back too – his style, his acting fits in just so right with his role.

The story brings in lot of inquisitiveness in the first half and though the same fades slowly towards the second half, it still sustains itself making sure you are hooked on, till the end.

Why the name Aurangzeb? Well, if Mughal History is anything to go by – Aurangzeb, the Mughal Emperor, cared for nothing else other than The Throne and the power & money it brings. He killed his own relatives to acquire the throne. You would see the characters of movie, moving the same way.

Set up in the background of Gurgaon, the city which has grown rocket-speed in last few years, the story revolves around Corporates, Gangsters, Police and Politics. Jackie runs a high profile Construction Company under the name of which he also runs illegal business. Ajay (Arjun 1) is his spoilt brat. A gang of corrupt cops, lead by Rishi, plans to throw Jackie out of his throne for their own benefit. Come twist and Vishal (Arjun 2) enters. Vishal is twin brother of Ajay who was believed to be dead in childhood. Vishal is planted in the empire of Jackie and there begins the twisting, intense, strong & political story. Barring a few glitches, the movie is pretty unpredictable till the end.

Though the actors have done a wonderful job & you will also experience a new treatment to an age old story line, you end up wishing you would have heard better & stronger dialogues that each role demanded. The background music is relevant. Songs? You wouldn’t remember them – they are anyways not required in such movies.

Director Atul Sabharwal could have definitely done better but we still have no regret with this movie. Overall, a rating of 3 stars to Aurangzeb

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