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Bringing dead oldies back to life …

Not everybody can dream and transform into reality too. Meet Harsheed, the guy behind AutoCraft customization … the guy who did it! Started as young as at the age of 16, Harsheed Tarapore, now 23, has an undying passion for restoration (modification) of Vintage cars.

He brings all those dead oldies back to life, no matter what it takes but he ensures it. He gets the original spares from US, Europe; he searches till he finds; he spends months to put life back to the Oldies and what matters most is he puts in his heart & soul.

Now let me tell you some of the restored cars he owns.

1) Wolseley – 1934 (One of a kind of the Maharaja of Panlanpur that’s registered as Palanpur – 1)

2) Buck Super 8 – 1937 – A 7 seater car with straight 8 engine

3) Morris Minor: 1950 – His dad used it to go to the school

4) Hudson/Essex – 1932 – A very rear found car as both companies Hudson and essex tied up only for one year.

5) Ford Modet – 1917 – One from the first production

6) Jaguar Daimler – Jaguar and dailmer were tied up between 1984 and 1986. Total 700 cars were produced and he has one of them

7) Atom (not vintage) – 110kgs of weight. Looks more of formula racing car.

This are just some of the cars they we told you about. He has got more than 20 cars to restore which means the mechanics are busy till minimum next 20 years or more!!

Harsheed is also participating in most of the car clubs and goes for off roading events in specially monsoon. Exciting is that he goes with his team of 10 people for off road events every time. He said, “Wherever I go, my team comes with me and they have to!!J”

So if you are looking for someone to restore your car, then you can contact Harsheed and he will help you do so but best quality always needs good time so as we told you earlier, it will at least take a year or more to get yourself go out on vintage wheels.

Meet him to talk about your car at: C1, 39/5 Phase 3, GIDC, Naroda

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