Awesome Collection by Kiddik at Weekend Window

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We are proud to share the fact that Kiddik got an AWESOME response yesterday at the Weekend Window and have refreshed their stocks to come at par with the demand.

Kiddik - an exhibition venture by Mauli Parikh & Pooja Sheth has everything that you want for your kiddo of 0 to 9 years age group exhibits an amazing summer for your kids. Well, if you don't believe us, finish reading this and go through amazing apparel pics that you can buy from exhibition happening this weekend at Weekend Window Exhibition | Stall no. 18, Red Petal Lawn, Next to T3 Cafe, Karnavati club lane, SG Highway.

This weekend, take your kids along with you on a fashion treat. With the onslaught on winters, don't make your kids wear those uncomfortable, itchy clothes. Rather re-decorate their wardrobe with some exclusive collection by Kiddik. It’s a double bonanza for the parents out there. Firstly you get to choose from a never ending range of apparels and secondly the products are at budget price.

So don’t waste any more time and plan your weekend schedule. This one time dedicate your time to you much loved kids and treat them with something amazingly colourful and in vogue.

Address: Weekend Window Exhibition | Stall no. 18
Red Petal Lawn, Next to T3 Cafe, Karnavati club lane, SG Highway.

Dates: 19, 20, 21 December 


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