Baby's Day Out Kick-starts in 2 Days

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A letter from a Kiddo to Parents.

I'm feeling very bad now. You all eat whatever you want to. I eat whatever you say. You all watch whatever movie you want to. I get to watch selected ones. You all roam around wherever you want to. I get to go to Society park only. I don't complain. You all even shop endlessly and I ... hummmpphhh! I am not going to compromise again here atleast. It's my day out on 11 and 12th Oct. Dad, tell your boss or clients you're busy. Mom, can you please for one day skip your kitty party?

We're going to Baby's Day Out on 11th / 12th Oct at Rajpath club. They've got some really amazing and awesome stuff for me from across the country. The best of brands, the best of designs and the best of crowd. Mom, they even have stuff for you. My senior at school who went there last year tells me they exhibited things we hardly get to buy in Ahmedabad. This year it's even bigger and better. Plus they've got kids spa, some cool games and workshops and what not.

Here are the essentials ...
Baby's Day Out 
Venue : Rajpath club
Date: 11 / 12 Oct

You taking me there. Right?

I Love you both. Equally :)


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