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You have seen Khosla Ka Ghosla and you loved it. You will watch Bajate Raho and it too will amuse you. But is it in the same class as Khosla Ka Ghosla? No! Been there, done that – the movie has similar ‘kind of’ story, backdrop, star cast and dialogues. Don’t get me wrong here … Bajate Raho, in a way, if dissected properly, has its own beauty but nothing that amazes you.

It’s a revenge story with comedy angle. Father dies under the burden of being falsely accused in a treachery case; the family oaths to take revenge from the guy who framed him. Conning in return of being conned and being a little bad to take revenge from the very bad.

Shashant Shah, the director of movies like Chalo Dilli & Dasvidaniya, has done a decent job. He sure knows how to balance the emotions, characters and dialogues, if supported with a gripping story line. There are flaws in a few scenes. You would have ignored them if it was a no-mind comedy movie but in a movie which deals with intelligent conning, it is difficult to trespass such flaws. The movie struggles to be intriguing, wins at places and loses at a few. You get what you expect from actors like Ranvir & Vinay. They are one brilliant duo who have created their niche & class and have always delivered but guess it’s time they experiment & try something out of their typical roles. This movie brings nothing new in them. Tushar? Well, ya, he & Vishaka were there in the movie :). Though Ravi is good for the role, somebody like Boman would have been a perfect fit. Dolly Aunty is superb. There should have been more of her in the movie. Music is OKish barring an unbearable hero-heroine-song-dance which has been thrown in for reason only Shashant can appreciate. Nagin item song is neat.

Given that you are not left with many options of movies this weekend, go watch Bajate Raho. Its the only good movie of the week.

Overall a rating of 2.5 shor!

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