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Attributes: Clothing, Chudiddar/Anarkalis, Lehnga Choli

Fashion for girls from age 2 years to 20 years. Now no more grown-ups. This one time, let your daughter indulge in probably the best fashion option for her.

Experience Bala’s teen | Probably the best fashion option for your young daughter. Bala’s teen – “Shree”, 14B2, Ashok Vatika, Opp Sanidhya Bungalows, Ambli Road, Ahmedabad | Phone: 9825008181

Parents, the last time when you were splurging in buying those beautiful garments for you, your teen daughter was sitting quietly in a corner, looking at you wondering if you would ask her, if she wanted to buy anything for her?

She stared that little longer with hope but alas, you were more bothered about the fabrics and colours then notice that glimmer of hope on your daughter’s face. What more, when you arrived at that special event or that wedding, it was you that was all decked up and felt all beautiful, but that can’t be said about your daughter.

Are we self-centred? Or are we in dearth of options? Presumably we would all vouch for the later. When we seek fashion for our teenage daughter’s let’s be honest, we have to settle for the average. There isn’t anything that can be attributed to a WOW fashion for our young princess and trust me, it’s a big pain.

CityShor realised this and went out to scout for that one unique brand that caters to transforming our daughter into a beautiful princess. Let it be the colours or that unique design. Let it be the fabrics or that envious intricate work, CityShor found out that one brand that caters to the fashion needs for our teen daughters.

Cityshor proudly presents you with Bala’s Teens. Conceptualized and created by Ruju Shah, a lawyer by profession and a proud mother of twin daughters, it was then Ruju started creating amazing apparels for her daughters that she thought of going beyond her family and starting with a brand catering only to Teen-fashion needs and for kids. Operating since 2008, Bala’s teen has been creating a niche for themselves in the city.

Bala’s teen is the only brand that caters only and only to teen-fashion and kids fashion needs with unparalleled designs. The medley of fashion and colours, they symphony of design and intricate art work creates a magic that transforms your daughter to a beautiful princess. What more, they don’t repeat any of their designs. This ensures that the dress you picked for your daughter would be as unique to her as she is to you.

For children from age 2 years and teens up to 20 years, Bala’s Teen caters to all with a plethora of traditional Indian garments. So let it be your small little daughter who has just started exploring fashion or your teen girl on the cusp of being a lady, Bala’s teen has it all. From a beautiful Anarkali to an astounding two piece Chaniya Choli, Bala’s teen has it all.

Probably the finest and the best in the city that only focuses on satisfying the those fashion conscious teenage girls or that new to world small little beautiful baby girl of yours.

This festive season, CityShor recommends all you parents to visit Bala’s teen and let your daughter explore fashion options, all dedicated to her.

This time, it’s you who would be sitting in the corner while your daughter surf’s around looking for that amazing garment for her. As they say, “What goes around, comes around”, but this time, let it come, since you would be happy seeing that your daughter all lit up and happy.

Bala’s teen: “Shree”, 14B2, Ashok Vatika, Opp Sanidhya Bungalows, Ambli Road, Ahmedabad | Phone: 9825008181

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