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It’s an exhibition of beautiful designer bamboo products till 17th April.

This is a unique exhibition! It’s not about some beautiful fashionable garments. This exhibition is for your home. To make you home look more colorful and attractive. Bamboo Canopy, the name itself suggests about the products.

Yes, this exhibition is all about Bamboo products. Bamboo Chairs, Bamboo tables, Bamboo hangings, Stands, Mirrors, Lamps and lot more. Well, nothing at this exhibition is ordinary or found anywhere else. And who designs them? Rhizome – the sustainable design firm that designs all of Bamboo Canopy’s products and uses recycled textile waste rope.

All of the products at this exhibition are produced by a tribal community. So why not have a look at this amazing art by such amazing people. So visit this exhibition soon and make your home more than beautiful!

Exhibition Dates: Till 17th April.

Address: 33, Jaishefali Park, Shivranjani Cross Road,
Satellite Road, Ahmedabad

Tel: +91-79-65438934/35

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