Bang Bang Movie Review

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Director: Siddharth Anand

Cast: Hrithik Roshan, Katrina Kaif, Danny Denzongpa, Jaaved Jaffrey.

Head's up, I will be referring Bang Bang as "Mehfooz", Hrithik as Bond and Katrina as Agent 000 throughout the review. I'll unravel the mystery to their names to make it easier. "Mehfooz" because everyone supposedly has to be taken to a "Mehfooz" or a Mehfooz spot. Ooooooooo. Bond? Well, no matter how skilled Indian or Firang the gundas might be, no matter how high-end their automatic guns might be, no matter how far their distance might be from Bond; all the bullets go around him and Bond, can shoot just about anybody, anywhere with any machinery and can jump off any building, cliff or bridge and survive. Agent 000? Well, she plays a bimbo who doesn't seem to realize the gravity of any situation.

The superstars, Bond and Agent 000 come across for the first time because of fate and (Spoiler Alert) fall for each other despite the fact each live contrasting lives. 

Despite collaborating with Fox Star Studios they can't provide realist visual effects when it comes to buildings blasting around.

Everyone is a Deshbhakt in this movie and whosoever isn't, dies (just about everyone). You may be in Britain, Prague or anywhere around the world; Heroes state the love for our country in Shudh Hindi of course, villains revert in the same way and Bond & Agent 000 go about prancing in snow, rain, day, night; basically whenever they get the slightest opportunity.

There’s no story and whatever little piece it has, it’s all predictable. Kohinoor ka diamond – so old style bollywoodish. Barring few action sequences, the movie literally makes it difficult to kill your time. 

You can seriously afford missing out on this movie. Even if you have nothing in the world to do – don’t pick this option at least.

1.5 Shors out of 5 for the location basically I guess.

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