Bangistan Movie Review

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Director: Karan Anshuman
Cast:  Riteish Deshmukh, Pulkit Samrat, Chandan Roy Sanyal and Jacqueline Fernandez.
There are essentially 3 types of 'Bad' Movies. One that has Bad Actors but a Good Story, while there is one with Good Actors but a Bad Story and then there are certain surprises that have Good Actors as well as a Good Story but, movie still doesn't seem to click, sadly BANGISTAN falls under this category.
With a mixture of Comedy with Religion & Terrorism as the base of the story, you could not ask for better ingredients to make a "bomb" of a movie but, it barely touches your ribs, let alone tickle them. No doubt there are a few witty lines, a few witty sequences and a few witty actors but, what kills the charm is the scarcity of the lines, sequences and the screen presence of the actors.
The movie starts in a promising way, showcasing North & South BANGISTAN in a wonderful way, highlighting the distinguishing culture between the two, following it up with a mile of FcDonalds, Star*ucks, BPO of the mountain and a couple more and that is why the 'funny' aspects of the movie end. Of course there are a number of scenes, incidents and dialogues that are evidently trying soo hard to be funny but, alas! They aren't.
We all know as to how difficult it would have been for Karan to deal with a serious topic like Terrorism in a 'funny' way but, it evidently shows that it was more than he could chew on. Even with Farhan Akhtar and Ritesh Sidhwani around him as producers, they simply could not manage portraying what would have been great on paper, onto the Big Screen.
When it comes to the acting, you have to give to Ritesh for, he has done a wonderful job; Pulkit? Not so much. Jacqueline was a waste of time & space, and the songs even more so.
In all, BANGISTAN doesn't make even a small 'peep', let alone a 'bang', yet I will give them 2 SHORS for the decently adequate acting and a worthy try on the storyline. Cheers.
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